A social network for students to connect in person again

Improve student engagement and overall experience with this unique and highly customized social network!


Create a profile and tag it with the things that you care about.


Create events to connect with other students. These can be big or small, social or academic.


Get notified about events tagged with your interests. Try new things and meet new people.


Discover who's around and what's happening, selected for you based on your tags.

  • Students can feel a lot of pressure to succeed in academic life and often believe that this success must come at the cost of an engaging student experience. Even for those with little time to spare, meetU is an easy and quick way to find something interesting and participate.

    James / Co-founder
  • Students who commute find it especially difficult to get involved in campus life, if they don't know what to do after class, they may simply go home. With a few taps on their phone, they can find things to do on campus and even meet potential friends for life.

    Cameron / Co-founder


Students create a profile for themselves with a photo, screen/nickname, and a brief "about me". They can also enter their school program and courses.

Programs and courses are school specific and are lovingly added by the meetU staff so that everyone can find their courses and program in the app.

Tags and Notifications

Students use tags to indicate things that are important to them. Tags include educational activities like study groups and workshops, as well as types of sports and artistic pursuits. There are a lot to choose from. The tags for your school will also include all programs and courses offered.

Events use the same tag system. Students sharing tags with an event are easily matched with and notified about events that may interest them.

Anywhere there are shared tags, a star icon is used. If a student tags themself with "BIO100" because they want to know about BIO100 events, they will recieve a notification any time such an event is created.


Students can create any type of event they want, academic, social or somewhere in between.
Schools can create official events to let students know about important things happening on campus.
School-approved businesses can create deal/promotional events to let students know about products or services priced just for them.

Map and Near Me

Use the map or view a list of students and events closest to you. The map uses different pins to depict events with shared tags. If an event shares tags with you, they appear as a star pin so you are sure to find something that interests you.


Events and students that share your tags can easily be found here, sorted by tags in common. Peruse the list of basketball events or search for seminars on financial assistance, find anything that interests you with ease.

The number of shared tags is denoted with a number. For example, each event tagged with "Film" is sorted by this number, so if you like "Film" and an event shares a lot of tags with you, it's probably best to rush on over before you miss it!

meetU makes great use of technology to also tell students how far away from them an event is. If it looks interesting and is right around the corner, people will take notice!


  • Wait! There's more! This mobile software is so stuffed with useful things that we couldn't fit them all on the menu!
  • See events you created, are "In" for, and have attended in the past.
  • See notifications about new events sharing your tags which have just been created. Notifications are also received when event time/date or location has been changed.
  • A list of a places/buildings at your school lets you see what events are at your favourite places and is also handy to help you find locations on campus. The meetU staff meticulously adds photos for each building and location to help students.
  • View a list of "Just the Official School Events" or "Just Deals and Promotions".

Screenshots! Wow!

meetU offers students multiple ways of finding out more about their school and fellow students. Add your classes and see who else is also enrolled, tag the buildings you are often in and always be notified of anything happening there, or just peruse the map, there are a ton of ways to stay connected!

Benefits for Students

  • Get the most out of your university experience. Trust us, it will matter to you later!
  • Find great deals. You're on a budget, don't spend more than you have to.
  • Meet new people that share your interests
  • The events you create are targeted only to students at your school, nobody else can see them.
  • Create an event and people will find it. No need to already have a list of people to invite.
  • Far easier and quicker to create an event on meetU than to put a flyer on a bulletin board and then agonize over whether or not anyone will even see it.

Benefits for Schools

  • Your students can easily find out what is happening on campus.
  • Existing clubs can reach a larger audience without printing flyers or sending mass emails.
  • Encouraging student involvement isn't easy, especially in the digital age. meetU makes it easy!
  • Your school's students have their own meetU network, separate from all others.
  • Our software is customized to your school. From the courses, programs, places and even colors in the app, your students will get an immersive and specialized experience.

Application Overview

The meetU Founders

Cameron Boyd

Co-Founder, CFO


Cameron is a graduate of Queen's University's Commerce program. He has a knack for seeing value and opportunities where others don't. His experience as a management consultant has honed his corporate strategy, operations and problems-solving skills. Cameron enjoys cooking, golfing, reading and well arranged cupboards.

James Greenhalgh

Co-Founder, Chief Developer


James earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto and a Programming Diploma from Seneca College. His experience at both large and small educational institutions provided him with valuable insights into the post-secondary student experience. James likes woodworking, aquarium keeping, and is a stickler for proper grammar.

If you have any questions or would just like to hear more, feel free to contact us, we are friendly people.